Verkehrsregeln Curacao

Curacao apply many traffic rules that apply in the Netherlands. But just as in the Netherlands is not everyone follow the rules, so we have put some exceptions among them so you know where you can keep taking note when a car drives on the island.

It is wise to keep enough distance. Curacao is especially important, often working brake lights and indicators are not especially for the shape of the car. Not for the function. 
Greetings and socialize here is very simply. Along the street, but also middle of the road. 
His two drivers talking to each other and you can not pass it? Just wait, they drive itself once more. 
A driver puts his arm out of the window. This can have many meanings. He needs more space, will inhibit changes of direction, will greet someone, or have just airing his hand while driving.
Should you brake? Stairs a few times on the brakes to make sure that the person behind you can see this even when he glances at the road, rather than beside it.

There are no fixed rules for roundabouts. The rules governing it, are often not available. Does a car at high speed, expect but that the car has priority, or has. Or both. 
Traffic lights are very functional. But Curacao them done more often ignored than something with it. 
One-way Roads are also known here. The difference with the Netherlands is that traffic will come from two directions. 
Wet means a significantly longer braking distance. This has to do with the road surface. Keep this in mind! 
In the evenings and at night it is prudent to reduce speed. Not all cars have working lights, and sometimes turning a knob just too much work.
Lizards do not dodge you. That elude you. Goats on the other hand a good reason to brake. Which often do not know what they want, but they will at some point go pave the road again for you. 
Car broken? Then let the people the car. Regardless of where it is broken gone. Drive here with a bow around it, the chances are that legs out from under the car. 
Do not take precedence here do better. That's a Dutch use, no use known in Curacao. 
Roads with two lanes? Then you must pass both the left and right road users. 
Willemstad is a chance that you get a wheel clamp, so watch where you park the car when you need it longer during your vacation.